Coalition Agreement 2021: Government To Simplify Naturalization and Acquisition of German Citizenship

20 December, 2021
germany coalition 2022

Germany’s new coalition government has presented its plans for their time in-charge, for the next four years. They are intending sweeping changes, a lot of them having a direct effect for migrants and refugees – including an easier path to citizenship and family reunification. Listed below are some of the key takeaways from their announcement:

– The coalition agreement of the traffic light parties: FDP, Greens and SPD want to reform the citizenship law.

– The conditions for acquiring German citizenship are to be made easier and are to be possible after just five years in Germany – the time can even be shortened to three years through special integration achievements.

– Children born in Germany are to be granted German citizenship immediately at birth if one parent has lived in Germany for at least five years.

– The SPD, Greens and FDP want to simplify naturalization by lowering the required language level, even for guest worker families.

– The new coalition agreement enshrines the new citizenship law, which is also to enable multiple citizenship. It is to be possible to acquire German citizenship alongside other citizenships – this is colloquially known as “Dual Citizenship”.

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