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Felsefemiz, Yatırım Yoluyla Vatandaşlık, Yatırım Yoluyla İkamet ve Mavi Kart alanlarında müvekkillerimize kişisel ve özelleştirilmiş hizmetler sunmaktır. Göç Hukuku’nun yanı sıra İş Hukuku, Ekonomi Hukuku, İdare Hukuku ve Vergi Hukuku alanlarında disiplinler arası hukuki danışmanlık hizmeti vermekteyiz.

I am really impressed by their service. Mr Jaberi and his team have a great knowledge about immigration laws and provide you with the best advice. I recommend them to everyone who needs help in immigration services.

Martin Harry

I am very pleased with the service I have received from the Law office of Jaberi. Mr Jaberi guided me to collect the right documentation and prepared my application flawlessly. They have secured family visas for my daughter-in-law and grandson and made the process as easy as possible, answering all of my millions of questions! Overall, the team is very helpful, professional, and punctual.

Kelly Disouza

“A very professional and responsible lawyer in immigration law particularly in Residence Permit by Investment. He is very competent and precise in the process of company foundation in Germany and all official steps for registration and running a new business for foreigners.

The team is nice and friendly and will be in touch with you in the whole process step by step, and very international! Thank you so much for all your support!”

Sara Zarrin

The team of lawyers of Jaberi Law firm are very professional. They have successfully managed not only my D Visum but also instructed me to all issues regarding my moving to Germany with my family, including residence permit, opening up my company in Hamburg, renting an apartment, structuring a website etc. Mr Jaberi has practically become my coach in Germany.

Mauricio Araquam de Sousa, Brid Logistics GmbH

Mr Jaberi has greatly helped me and my employer by facilitating the whole process of employment very meticulously and professionally. He has done a great job by preparing a very thorough employment agreement and well presented us in front of the related authorities. After finalizing the visa process, helped us in a step by step approach with all the local registration process. All in all, his services have paved the path for an easy, clear and compliant entry, work and life in Germany for us.

Davood Bikdeli

Very good and professional approach. Easy communication. Profound knowledge of all legal aspects of immigration law and complete guidance through all the steps during the whole process of the client’s case. Not just an advisory but full involvement in the process including preparation of all required documents and representation of the client in front of related authorities. Quick and efficient solution to all immigration questions. Highly recommended!

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