Extending Your Stay in Germany as an EU Immigrant

26 September, 2023
Extending Your Stay in Germany as an EU Immigrant

Are you an EU immigrant looking to extend your stay in Germany? Whether it’s for work, education, or a new adventure, Germany offers plenty of opportunities. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to make your extended stay a reality.

1. Employment and Education

Germany welcomes EU immigrants for work or study. If you’re self-employed, employed, or in training, you’re on the right path. The country’s strong economy offers diverse job opportunities.

2. Job Hunting

No job yet? No worries. You can keep searching for the perfect role without any time constraints.

3. Financial Stability and Health Insurance

Ensure you have enough financial resources to support yourself and proper health insurance coverage for a comfortable and secure stay.

4. Permanent Residency

Dreaming of long-term residency? After five years of legal residence, you can apply for permanent residency.

Visa Essentials

  • EU Citizens: After five years, you can obtain permanent residency.
  • Electronic ID: Germany’s electronic proof of identity streamlines official transactions for EU citizens and German residents.
  • Family Reunification: Your family members can join you in Germany, even if they’re not from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

Entry Requirements

Depending on their nationality, your family members may need visas to stay in the EU for over three months. Check our website’s Entry Requirements section for detailed info.

At Jaberi Lawyers, we specialize in assisting EU immigrants on their journey to extend their stay in Germany. Our expert team tailors our services to your unique needs. Contact us today to make your dream of living and thriving in Germany a reality.