Germany Needs 400,000 Skilled Immigrants Every Year

30 August, 2021

The Head of Federal Employment Agency, Detlef Scheele, has publicly stated that Germany has a shortage of skilled workers, and needs 400,000 new worker per year to fill the labour market, which can only be possible by admitting more immigrants to the country.


Germany needs more skilled workers, since it is running out of them. The number of workers of a typical professional age would drop by almost 150.000 this year, which opens up the door for people from other countries filling in those spots.

“We need 400,000 immigrants a year. In other words, significantly more than in previous years. From care and air conditioning to logisticians and academics – there will be a shortage of skilled workers everywhere,” Scheele said.

Germany has steadily welcomed skilled workers from various parts of the world, and is continuing to work to make the process easier and unlock more opportunities for people to migrate to Germany. In 2019, the government put together a law which was specifically designed for workers with vocational skills to migrate to Germany. The Skilled Immigration Act came into being March 2020, with the aim to ease restrictions for qualified professionals whilst migrating to Germany, through simplified visa applications.