New Migration Law: Revised Criteria for EU Blue Card in Germany

28 September, 2023
Revised Criteria for EU Blue Card in Germany

Lower Salary Thresholds for Various Professions

Under the new regulations effective from November 2023, the German government has brought the criteria for obtaining an EU Blue Card in line with Directive (EU) 2021/1883. Notable revisions include lower salary thresholds for regular professions and bottleneck professions.

1. Minimum Salary for Bottleneck Professions and New Market Entrants
The minimum salary for bottleneck professions and new market entrants will be 45.3% of the annual pension insurance assessment ceiling, projected to be €39,682.80 in 2023. Individuals who have graduated from a university within the past three years can obtain an EU Blue Card in Germany if their job pays them at least the minimum salary for their profession.

2. Minimum Salary for Other Professions
For all other professions, the minimum salary will be 50% of the annual pension insurance assessment ceiling, approximately €43,800 in 2023.


3. Eligibility for IT Specialists without a University Degree
IT specialists without a university degree but with equivalent professional experience can also be eligible for an EU Blue Card under the updated criteria.


Expansion of Bottleneck Professions

The list of bottleneck professions has been expanded to include the following:

1. Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, or Distribution Managers
2. Information and Communications Technology Service Managers
3. Veterinarians
4. And more

Mobility and Family Reunification

Holders of an EU Blue Card issued by another EU Member State will now have the right to short- and long-term mobility in Germany. After a minimum of 12 months, they can acquire long-term residence in Germany without a visa. However, a German EU Blue Card must be requested at that point. The new regulations also facilitate family reunification for EU Blue Card holders.


Simplified Process for Skilled Workers

Overall, these changes aim to streamline the immigration process for skilled workers with practical knowledge and vocational training looking to migrate to Germany. Additionally, relaxed criteria will be applied for professional drivers from third countries.