Opportunity Card Germany

29 June, 2023

Germany has introduced the Opportunity Card, a points-based immigration program aimed at attracting international talent. This additional pathway allows professionals to come to Germany and search for a job on site for up to two years, providing an opportunity to secure employment in their field of expertise. Let’s explore the key aspects of the Opportunity Card and how it can benefit aspiring professionals.

Qualifying for the Opportunity Card:

To be eligible for the Opportunity Card, applicants must meet certain criteria and accumulate enough points. The points system is designed to evaluate an individual’s qualifications, experience, age, German language proficiency, previous stays in Germany, and even the qualifications of their spouse. Here is a breakdown of the criteria and points allocation:

Qualifications: International professionals can earn up to 6 points if they possess a formal foreign qualification that is recognized in Germany.

Experience: A maximum of 3 points can be obtained if an applicant’s work experience aligns with their formal qualifications.

Age: Individuals under 35 years old can earn 2 points, while those between 35 and 40 years old can receive 1 point.

German Language: Proficiency in the German language is valued, with up to 3 points awarded if an applicant can demonstrate their language skills through an official certificate.

Previous Stays in Germany: Those who have previously resided in Germany for at least 6 months are granted 1 additional point.

Spouses: If an applicant’s spouse also meets the requirements for an Opportunity Card, they can earn an extra point.

Determining Eligibility:

A free points calculator is available to assess eligibility. By inputting their credentials, applicants can determine if they meet the necessary requirements and earn enough points for the Opportunity Card.

Benefits of the Opportunity Card:

The Opportunity Card offers international professionals the chance to explore job opportunities in Germany firsthand. It provides flexibility in part-time work and short trial positions, enabling individuals to cover living expenses while searching for a full-time job. This program facilitates networking, industry exposure, and cultural immersion, contributing to a richer professional experience.

Germany’s Opportunity Card is an exciting avenue for international professionals seeking to migrate and work in Germany. By meeting the program’s criteria and earning the required points, individuals gain access to an immersive job search experience within the country. The Opportunity Card showcases Germany’s commitment to attracting global talent and building a diverse workforce for mutual growth and success.


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