Big news from Germany! The Bundestag just gave the green light to some changes in the nationality law

21 January, 2024


Big news from Germany! The Bundestag just gave the green light to some changes in the nationality law, and it’s a game-changer. Let us  break it down for you:

1. Getting German Citizenship Faster:
– Wait for it… they’re slashing the waiting time from eight to five years! And if you’re a language pro or a rockstar at work or school, you might snag citizenship in just three years.

2. Two Passports? No Problem:
– Dual citizenship is now on the table! Hold onto your hats if you want to keep your original citizenship along with a shiny new German one.

3. German Citizenship for Little Ones:
– If you’re born here to foreign parents, you’re in luck! Automatic German citizenship if one parent has been here for more than five years.

4. Speaking the Language:
– Faster citizenship comes with a catch – show them you’re well-integrated and can speak German. But if you’re from the older generation of guest workers, no written tests for you.

5. Making Ends Meet:
– Gotta support yourself and your crew, but there are exceptions for those who came as guest workers after 1974 and former contract workers in the GDR.

6. Promise to Play Nice:

Pledge allegiance to Germany, say no to anti-Semitism, racism, and other nasty stuff. They’re serious about the free and democratic way of life.

7. Standing Against Anti-Semitism:
– With recent events, they’re beefing up the commitment against anti-Semitism. If you’re not on board, naturalization might not be in the cards.

8. Citizenship on a Trial Basis:
– Hold onto your hats (again), because if you play shady games, they can take citizenship away within ten years. Incorrect declarations about your commitment to democracy? Yep, that can lead to a citizenship redo.

Get ready for April when these rules kick in.

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