Breaking News: Ampel Coalition to Revamp German Nationality Law in January

21 December, 2023

Unlocking Fast-Track Naturalizations and Streamlined Deportations

In a significant development, the Ampel Coalition has reached an agreement to introduce faster naturalization processes and simplified deportations. The final decision on these reforms is slated for January, following recent debates over intricate details.

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Highlights of the Pending Nationality Law Reforms:

Swift Naturalizations Based on Merit:

The proposed changes aim to grant immigrants German citizenship after just five years of residence (originally eight years). Applicants must independently support themselves financially, without relying on state aid. Outstanding integration achievements, such as strong language skills, could even lead to citizenship after just three years in Germany.

Empowering Previously Disadvantaged Groups:

Unlike before, the new law seeks to allow certain groups, previously excluded, to obtain German citizenship while retaining their original citizenship. EU citizens can maintain dual citizenship, and under the proposed law, individuals like Turkish citizens, who were required to renounce their Turkish passport for German citizenship, may find relief.

Automatic German Citizenship for Eligible Born Children</strong?:

Children born in Germany to foreign parents may automatically receive German citizenship if one parent has been living in Germany for over five years with an unrestricted right of residence.
Facilitating Deportations for Enhanced Efficiency:

Deportation procedures face last-minute hurdles, often due to individuals not being present. The Ampel Coalition aims to enhance the efficiency of deportations by introducing procedural simplifications. This includes extending the maximum duration of exit detention from ten to 28 days and allowing access to spaces other than the deportee’s room in communal accommodations.

Reactions to the Compromise:

Konstantin von Notz, Deputy Chairman of the Green Party, acknowledged the necessary compromises in deportation rule reforms. He emphasized improvements in key areas to uphold good, rule-of-law standards.

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