Charting Your Path to Success: A Guide to Employment and Visa Opportunities in Germany with JABERI LAWYERS

8 March, 2024

Are you eyeing a career opportunity in Germany but finding yourself tangled in the maze of visa requirements and qualification recognition?

Don’t fret! Understanding the ins and outs of securing a visa within the framework of a recognition partnership is pivotal for a smooth transition into the German workforce.

Qualification Recognition: Picture this – you hold a foreign higher education degree or a professional qualification that required significant dedication, spanning at least two years of full-time training. But wait, there’s a catch! Your qualification needs to be recognized by the issuing country’s government. Fear not, though! You can strengthen your visa application with evidence affirming the positive assessment of your qualification or by obtaining a digital Statement of Comparability for your higher education degree from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

Concrete Job Offer: Imagine receiving a solid job offer from a prestigious German employer. This isn’t just any job offer; it’s the gateway to your professional dreams in Germany. Typically, these offers entail qualified employment, necessitating either a higher education degree or qualified vocational training. But don’t worry if you’re aiming for a regulated profession like medicine – there are avenues for you to kickstart your career as an assistant while you work towards obtaining the necessary license.

Written Agreement: Now, picture yourself signing a comprehensive written agreement with your prospective employer. This isn’t just a formality; it’s a roadmap outlining your journey towards professional recognition while being gainfully employed. This agreement isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket to clarity and assurance, ensuring that your rights and opportunities are clearly defined from the get-go.

Language Proficiency: Ah, the sweet sound of the German language! Demonstrating proficiency at level A2 or above of the CEFR is your golden ticket to success. But hold on – depending on your profession, you might need to up your linguistic game to participate effectively in qualification measures in Germany. So, immerse yourself in the language, because mastering German isn’t just a requirement; it’s a key to unlocking endless opportunities.

Employer Suitability: Now, let’s talk about finding the perfect match – your employer. Imagine working with a company that not only values your skills but also has a proven track record in providing vocational training or post-qualification skills development. This isn’t just any employer; it’s a partner in your professional growth, ensuring that you’re in good hands as you embark on your German journey.

Residence Title: Imagine holding in your hands the residence permit for a recognition procedure with accompanying employment. Initially issued for up to 12 months, this permit opens doors to endless possibilities. From extending it yearly to working up to 20 hours per week in secondary employment, it’s your key to stability and flexibility in the German job market.

Options After Recognition: Success! You’ve completed the recognition procedure, and the doors to your dream career in Germany swing wide open. Whether it’s applying for a residence permit for skilled workers or an EU Blue Card, your options are abundant. And even if you receive partial recognition, fear not – your residence permit for a recognition partnership can be renewed for up to two years, giving you ample time to bridge any gaps and achieve full equivalence.

Embark on this exhilarating journey with confidence and let JABERI LAWYERS be your guiding light. With our expertise in job search assistance, visa processes, qualification recognition, and language learning support, we’re here to turn your German dream into reality.