Freelance Business Visas in Germany

6 November, 2023
 Freelance Business Visas in Germany

If you’re dreaming of self-employment in Germany, here’s a guide to obtaining a residence permit for your freelance business.

Choose Your Path

In Germany, you can be a freelancer (Freiberufler) or a self-employed entrepreneur (Gewerbe). Your choice affects your visa process.

Freelancing as a Freiberufler

For freelance work (Freiberufler), apply for a “residence permit for freelance employment.” Prove financial stability and qualifications. Age 45+? Show pension provisions.

Seek Advisory Services

Get professional advice for a smoother application process. Contact with us for professional

Duration and Settlement

The initial residence permit is three years. With a successful business, you can extend it. After five years, apply for a settlement permit.

Understand Fees

Visa, residence permit, and settlement permit fees vary. Check with the authorities for accurate fees.

Required Documents

Typically, submit these documents:

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Business plan
  • Health insurance proof
  • Researchers/academics: Employment contract
  • German university graduates: Degree copy
  • Age 45+: Pension proof
  • Add documents related to references and experience. Your specific requirements may vary, so consult the authorities for guidance.

Embarking on a freelance career in Germany is achievable with preparation, proper documents, and consultation with the authorities. Make your freelance business a reality in Germany!


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