Navigating Germany’s Job Search Opportunity Card: A Pathway to Employment

31 May, 2024


Are you interested in coming to Germany to look for a suitable job? The Job Search Opportunity Card might be your ticket to a thriving career in one of Europe’s leading economies. Here, we break down the requirements, application process, and opportunities available through this program, and introduce you to a trusted legal partner, Jaberi Lawyers, we can help you navigate the complexities of the application.

 Visa & Residence: Understanding the Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card (Section 20a of the Residence Act [AufenthG]) is designed to enhance your chances of making contact with German employers and finding qualified employment in Germany. If you are from a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland and wish to apply for this card, here’s what you need to know.

 Requirements for the Opportunity Card

To qualify for the Opportunity Card, you have two primary options:

Option 1: Recognized Qualification
– You have a foreign professional or academic qualification that is fully recognized in Germany, or you obtained your university degree or professional qualification in Germany.

Option 2: Points System
– If your qualification is not fully recognized in Germany, you can still apply if you score a minimum of six points in the points system and meet additional criteria.

 Points System Breakdown

The points system assesses various criteria:

– Equivalence of Qualification: Partially recognized foreign qualifications earn four points.
– Qualification in a Shortage Occupation*: One point for qualifications in shortage occupations.
– Professional Experience: Two to three points for relevant professional experience within the last five to seven years.
– Language Skills: Up to four points for proficiency in German (level A1 to B2) or English (level C1 or native speaker).
– Age: Up to two points for applicants up to 40 years old.
– Previous Stays in Germany: One point for previous legal residence of at least six months in the last five years.
– Spouse’s Qualification: One point if your spouse also qualifies for the Opportunity Card.

 Financial Requirements

Regardless of the option you choose, you must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support yourself during your job search. This can be proven through a blocked bank account with at least €1,027 net per month or a declaration of commitment.

 Application Process

1. Self-Check: Complete the self-check questionnaire to determine your eligibility.
2. Documentation: Gather all necessary documentation, including proof of qualifications, language proficiency, financial resources, and any other supporting evidence.
3. Application: Apply for the Opportunity Card visa at your diplomatic mission abroad or contact your local foreigners authority if you are already in Germany.

Opportunities with the Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card allows for an initial stay of up to one year to seek employment or self-employment in Germany. During this period, you can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) and participate in job trials.

If you secure employment, an apprenticeship, or wish to become self-employed, you can apply for a corresponding residence permit. If no other residence title is applicable, your Opportunity Card can be extended for up to two years.

 Legal Assistance with Jaberi Lawyers

Navigating the German immigration system can be complex. Jaberi Lawyers, a reputable legal firm, specializes in immigration law and can assist you with your Opportunity Card application. Their expertise ensures that your application is thorough and complies with all legal requirements, significantly enhancing your chances of success.

Why Choose Jaberi Lawyers?

– Expert Guidance*: Experienced in German immigration law, they provide tailored advice for your specific situation.
– Comprehensive Support*: From initial consultation to final application submission, they guide you through every step.
– Peace of Mind*: Legal support reduces the risk of errors or omissions in your application, offering peace of mind.


The Job Search Opportunity Card is a fantastic opportunity for skilled professionals looking to advance their careers in Germany. By understanding the requirements and leveraging the expertise of legal professionals like Jaberi Lawyers, you can navigate the application process with confidence. Start your journey to a prosperous career in Germany today!