We’ve been featured on Forbes!

3 October, 2022
Jaberi Lawyer Forbes

Recently, our Attorney at Law, Saeed Jaberi, wrote about “Three Things To Consider When Establishing Your Business In Germany”, which was featured exclusively on Forbes.

In the article, Mr Jaberi explains some key pointers for businesses entering / expanding in Germany:

1. Business immigration is becoming increasingly popular in Germany, and the first step for businesses to enter Germany would be to navigate the bureaucratic procedures. In terms of specifics, businesses need a business plan, show a certain capital and a lot more. There are various types of visas individuals can apply for, with regards to their businesses, including, but not limited to, self-employment (Residence Act), Golden Visa, Digital Nomad Visa and International Start up visas.

2. The German government is actively working hard to attract more skilled workers in Germany. Unemployment is fairly low in Germany, and there are lots of skilled workers and university degree holders currently in the German workforce. Fields like IT, engineering and health are in demand, and businesses need to be willing to provide appropriate compensation packages to attract and retain talents. Businesses will have a pool of talented individuals to recruit from.

3. Germany cares about work-life balance. It cares about family, and offers benefits for families, and children. This includes subsidized daycare for kids, monthly payments for each child (Kindergeld), and healthy provisions for maternity / paternity leaves.

Read the full article here at Forbes.