Who Needs Recognition in German Immigration?

13 April, 2024




Regulated Professions:

Regulated professions, such as those in healthcare, legal advice, teaching in state schools, engineering, and certain master craftworker roles, require recognition of qualifications for full capacity work. This applies regardless of your country of origin.


EU/EEA/Switzerland Immigration: For immigration from the EU/EEA/Switzerland, if you intend to work in a regulated profession in Germany, recognition of your foreign professional qualification is usually necessary. Even if you have settled in another EU country, you might need recognition to work in Germany.

Non-Regulated Professions: Non-regulated professions, which include many occupations requiring qualifications from vocational training or higher education, may also require recognition in some cases. This is especially relevant for certain visas like the EU Blue Card or visas for qualified professionals from third countries.

Recognition Procedure: How Does it Work?

Assessment Process

 The recognition procedure involves assessing whether your foreign professional qualification is equivalent to the corresponding German qualification. The competent German authority examines the documents you submit and typically provides a decision within three to four months.

Result and Follow-up:

If substantial differences are found, partial recognition might be granted for non-regulated professions, with recommendations for further training. For regulated professions, compensation measures may be required to address differences before full recognition is granted.

Costs and Assistance:

Procedure Costs:

The cost of the recognition procedure can vary, potentially reaching €600 or more, depending on factors such as document fees, translations, travel, and training expenses. However, funding assistance may be available in some cases.

Assistance Sources:

You can seek advice and assistance regarding the recognition procedure from various sources, including the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the Service Center for Professional Recognition (ZSBA) at the Federal Employment Agency (BA), and on-site counseling centers established by the ProRecognition project in various countries.

Jaberi Lawyers: At Jaberi Lawyers, our professionals are dedicated to assisting you through the recognition process. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support, guiding you through each step of the procedure and ensuring that your qualifications are appropriately recognized for your intended profession in Germany