Why You Need To Invest In Germany in 2022

30 November, 2021

Germany is one of the key locations for many international investors. Foreign companies with an FDI portfolio of 700 billion euros are already involved in Germany, therefore securing 2.6 million jobs. This will not only stimulate the labor market and employment itself, but also strengthen the German economy.

Invest in Germany

In 2020 the 5 largest investors in Germany were:

  1. USA
  2. China
  3. Switzerland
  4. Turkey
  5. Great Britain

The forced Corona break influenced the number of foreign investment projects in Europe: the number fell by 13%; in Germany – by only 4%. It is certainly explicit that the foreign investors largely remained loyal to Germany as an investment location despite the corona crisis and lockdowns in 2020.

More than 55,000 companies have already chosen Germany. Why is it worth investing in Germany? Because Germany:

  1. is a safe investment environment;
  2. has leading economy;
  3. is a global player (Germany is the third largest export nation – close behind China and the USA – after six years as export world champion!)
  4. has high productivity and
  5. excellent infrastructure.

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