IT Specialists Immigration

The IT labour market (information technology) reveals the consequences of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.

The Skilled Worker Immigration Act now allows access to the labour market as a skilled worker if, instead of a formal qualification, the applicant provides evidence of at least three years’ professional comparable experience in the IT sector within the last seven years according to § 19c (2) Residence Act in conjunction with § 6 Employment Regulation.

IT specialists, who do not have an academic degree with at least three years of work experience and a job offer from a German company with salary of at least 4,020 euros per month as well as within the framework of placement agreements of the Federal Employment Agency can get the working and residence permit according the new law. The salary limit is adjusted annually. The applicant should have sufficient knowledge of the German language (Level B1). In justified individual cases, proof of German language skills may be waived.

Given that this is an exceptional way of immigration for specific group of IT specialists, the applicants need support of a lawyer to prove the eligibility. There might be a complicated procedure for evaluation and getting permission from Federal Employment Office in Germany. Furthermore, you need legal advice how to justify the exemption from German language requirements.

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